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Miranda Kerr Strips For GQ Fashion Shoot

PTI 21 Jan 2010, 16:46:28 IST

Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr lay naked on a rug for a fashion shoot for the US magazine GQ. Two years after becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel, Miranda's earning power has steadily risen, reports The Mail.

Miranda Kerr showed off the body that won the heart of Orlando Bloom. She came in at number nine in Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's top paid models.

From July 2008 until June 2009, Miranda earned an impressive $3million. Her private life is going equally well - she is happily dating British actor Orlando Bloom, with whom she lives in the Hollywood Hills.

Not that he gets to see that much of her.

The 26-year-old, who is pictured in a pair of pants in one shot and a black thong and matching bra in the other, told the U.S. edition of GQ magazine that her high-flying life means she only gets to spend around one day a week at home.

'I'm lucky,' she said. 'I like my own time.'

The Victoria's Secret model showed off her poses in the February issue of the U.S. edition of the magazine. In place of Orlando she has her pet dog, a Yorkshire Terrier, to keep her company.  

Miranda recently denied reports she has lost weight to fit into the super-skinny catwalk clothes. She said: 'I am the same weight and measurements I have maintained for more than three years.

'I am conscious of not only maintaining but promoting a healthy lifestyle and I wouldn't be able to sustain the hectic nature of my modelling commitments if I wasn't 100 per cent committed to feeding my body the food, vitamins and minerals it needs.'