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Pals Fear Cheryl Cole May Reunite With Ashley

PTI 31 Jan 2011, 20:48:40 PM IST
London: Singer Cheryl Cole's pals have begged her not to get back with her cheating ex- husband Ashley.

They are worried that a fresh love-in will not only bring 'Girls Aloud' star more heartbreak but also kill her blossoming career.

The X Factor judge reportedly met England football star at their former marital home last week because they want to "test out their feelings for each other".

And friends of the singer now say she is seriously considering getting back with the playboy because he is the love of her life.

"This will kill any dreams Cheryl has of making it in the US. We have all begged her not to go back there," the Daily Star quoted a pal as saying.

"It's a disaster waiting to happen. We all know Ashley can't, or won't, change," another added.

The Chelsea defender got back in touch with Cheryl after hearing her gush about her love for him on Piers Morgan's ITV1 chat show.

"Cheryl is hellbent on getting the gig on the US version of The X Factor and knows the smallest wrong move could dash her hopes." a source said.

"But something in her heart tells her the pair could give it one more go," the source added.

But a spokesperson for Cheryl last night denied the ex-couple met.

"Cheryl did not meet Ashley last week. She did not speak to him either," the spokesperson said.