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Rihanna wanted fairytale-like love life

IANS 01 Jun 2014, 12:22:30 PM IST
Los Angeles: Singer Rihanna is said to be extremely disappointed after romance with rapper Drake ended in disaster, especially as she always desired a "fairytale" love life.

"All she wanted was the fairytale, you know, the sh*t he (Drake) promised her but again, epic fail,” said a source close to the 26-year-old, reports showbizspy.com.

When in a relationship, the singer doesn't expect being pampered with gifts. A true and faithful lover is all she wanted.

“She likes him but it's hard when a man tells his girl that they have to pump the breaks on the relationship so that he can go out there and grind.

"It's not like Rihanna asks him to buy her anything. It's all good though. She will learn at the end of the day," added the source.