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Rupert Grint wants invisibility cloak

IANS 24 Jun 2014, 17:05:41 IST
Los Angeles: Actor Rupert Grint wishes he could wear an "invisibility cloak" at music festivals because he sometimes has a problem with drunken gig-goers.

The “Harry Potter” actor has joked he would like to use some of the magic accessories from the wizard series to allow him to walk around without being recognised and mobbed in public, reports contactmusic.com.

"I've sometimes had a bit of trouble at music festivals. It's usually fine, but if you're in a massive crowd of drunken people and one of them suddenly spots you, it gets hard to move around,” he said.

"Sometimes you want a bit of invisibility. Perhaps I should wear an invisibility cloak - that would be handy! But I have actually experimented with disguises. Once I wore a horse's head disguise for an entire festival."

"It wasn't comfortable, and I got quite claustrophobic, but it really worked. It was quite liberating. I felt completely free,” he added.