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Russell Brand Regrets Never Kissing A Man

PTI 06 Jan 2011, 19:09:32 PM IST
Wellington: Russell Brand never ceases to amuse - the comedian recently announced that he regrets never having kissed a man - adding that he has been ‘pedestrian' with his sexuality.

Brand insists he has never felt attracted to a guy.

"I have not,” Stuff.co.nz quoted him as telling Glamour magazine when asked if he has ever kissed a man.

"I've been incredibly pedestrian with my sexuality. It would have been nice though, wouldn't it? Because then you immediately double your options,” he added.

Talking about his wife Katy Perry, he said he was happy with her and no longer felt the need to romance other girls. But he would be interested in the prospect of a lovemaking marathon with himself.

"I probably would have done that, yes. It would've been the one way of being gay that wouldn't compromise my Essex upbringing. And I'd know exactly what I'd want, how long I'd want it to last and what I wouldn't want. What an evening. It would be lovely,” he joked.