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Lorde writing 'weird, cool' new songs

India TV News Desk 04 Aug 2014, 18:35:04 PM IST
India TV News Desk
Los Angeles: Singer Lorde has started penning ideas for the follow up to her huge debut album, "Pure Heroine" and is busy doing "weird, cool stuff".

She's uncertain about how the new work will "end up", but she's enjoying the process, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"I'm definitely writing new stuff. I don't know how everything will end up. The first period of writing after you have recorded an album, it all sounds like the album before it. I'm trying to get that out of my system and move it to a new place.

"But I've been writing with some good people and just doing weird, cool stuff - which is always good for being creative," said the 17-year-old.

The "Royals" singer also said while she has already achieved a great number of her personal goals with her career, her success has also enabled her to approach her music and performance in a different way.

"Now I am super methodically planning everything and making sure everything links up and how that will tie into the next album and the album after that. I'm looking at the big picture much more," she added.