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Sting set to join the cast of his Broadway musical 'The Last Ship'

IANS 24 Nov 2014, 20:08:17 PM IST

Los Angeles: British rockstar Sting is all set to join the cast of his Broadway musical "The Last Ship" next month in a bid to push up flagging ticket sales for the $15 million show.

The 63-year-old will take over the lead role in his show from singer-actor Jimmy Nail. He has confirmed that he will join the cast throughout the festive season from Dec 9 and will be performing eight shows a week until Jan 10.

"I've been working on this show for five years and been at every rehearsal, every performance, so it's not like I've flown in from Planet Rock Star to save the day... (I would bare my b**t) in Macy's (department store) if it will help our show...,” The New York Times newspaper quoted Sting as saying.

“I didn't assume it would be (a piece of) cake coming to Broadway with an original musical. But it's only become clearer to me that nothing's guaranteed... I know all the lines and lyrics after all these years... I want to have a hit. I want it to be hugely successful," he added.