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Sylvester Stallone was up for Ford's role in 'Star Wars'

India TV News Desk 18 Aug 2014, 11:15:51 AM IST
India TV News Desk
Los Angeles: Actor Sylvester Stallone says he was up for Harrison Ford's iconic role in the first "Star Wars" film and turned up to audition for the part.

He took one look at its director George Lucas upon entering the room to audition for the role of Han Solo and knew immediately he wasn't going to get the part, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

"After you've seen 100 people, you get tired, so you just hope the guy in front of you disappears... I got nowhere," said Stallone.

"I said, 'Let me just make it easy for you; I would look like crap in Spandex, leotards and a ray gun. Guys from outer space don't have this kind of face'," he added.