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Tomlinson, Cowell 'trying' to form girl band

IANS 24 Oct 2015, 17:30:55 IST

London : Music mogul Simon Cowell and One Direction member Louis Tomlinson are trying to put a girl band together.

Tomlinson revealed during an interview with The X Factor's YouTube channel that he's working closely with Cowell on a new music label. He's working with Cowell to help put together a new girl group, reports eonline.com.

"I've got a little label in print so I'm trying to work with that at the moment. I'm lucky enough to be working with Simon. We've got a few different projects going on at the moment one of which is we're trying to put a girl band together," Tomlinson shared.

"It's really exciting to be involved in the different side of it, the background."