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Victoria, Freida Pinto Turn Up At Burberry Fashion Show In London

PTI 26 Sep 2009, 10:37:11 IST

Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire actress  Freida Pinto, Former Spice girl Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson  attended a Burberry fashion show in London. The show closes London Fashion Week.

Burberry showcased its spring summer 2010 women's clothing line.  This was the first Burberry show outside of Milan and the largest of London fashion week.

It also featured the longest catwalk and front row.  Freida Pinto told reporters she was turned onto the brand by her boyfriend actor Dev Patel.  "I think I'm really excited to be here because he's loved .. and he's just converted me into a big Burberry fan. So I'm really excited to be here for him. I usually ask him...I always ask for his opinion about what I wear and we're always on the same page." 

Asked about her style icon, Freida said:  "Do I have a style icon' No one really in particular but um..."  Dev Patel standing by her side quipped:  "Bruce Lee. She loves Bruce Lee. His style."  Freida said: "I guess I like Angelina Jolie because she can wear anything and pull it off. So it can be like the simplest pair of trousers and a t-shirt. I guess you need to have it in you to be able to do it and she does it beautifully."

On her part, stylist Victoria Beckham said:  "This is one of my dresses from my new collection. It's been phenomenal. Mindblowing. And all of my reviews were amazing. And I'm kind of so happy. I've worked hard." 

Asked whether there was any chance of showing it in London, Victoria replied:  "Well, I'd never say never but at the moment you know I live in America so that's the place for me to show the collection but it's just been hugely successful and I'm really happy."

Actress Emma Watson, now attending University in the United States said she was happy to attend the show because she's "always loved fashion."