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Whitney Port In Bikini Tops Up Her Tan At Miami Beach

PTI 20 Jan 2010, 13:27:09 IST

A weekend of sunshine was just the tonic for American reality star 24-year-old Whitney Port, who used to star in The Hills, reports The Mail, London.

Whitney took some time out from chilly New York to enjoy the good weather in Florida. She hit Miami Beach in a sexy bikini as she filmed for her new show The City topped up her tan as she lay poolside.

She was joined by co-star Roxy Olin and a male friend, Jon. But Whitney was certainly not so pleased as she made her return to New York today from South Beach.  

A message posted on her website read: 'Hi loves. Back to the cold... Yuck.... But I was able to thoroughly enjoy the sun and beach this weekend!

'Rox, my friend Jon and I escaped the cold and though ran into some travel obstacles made it to Miami in one piece.

'Saturday was the most gorgeous day, we laid out, went for a long walk on the beach, worked out, and then got ready to hit the town.'

During her break she visited the Italian restaurant Scarpetta, describing the food there as 'soooo yummy'. Afterwards she went clubbing with pal Rox and had a 'major dance party'.

They rounded off the trip on Sunday with a shopping spree and lunch.

Whitney, who now stars in her own reality show The City, was not so happy as she made her return to chilly New York after her break