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Kapil Sharma doesn’t miss ‘Deepika Padukone’ anymore! Here’s the reason

India TV Entertainment Desk Mumbai 18 Mar 2017, 12:04:45 IST
India TV Entertainment Desk

Kapil Sharma has always expressed his fondness and love for the leggy-lass Deepika Padukone. (funnily, although!)  But this time he ditched her for someone else. 

Kapil Sharma turned to Twitter to share the picture of his ‘Better Half’. Yes, the actor finally found the person who complete him. And it seems like Kapil is madly in love with her. This morning, he expressed his love publicly for his ladylove. 

He shared a sweet picture of him with his better half with a caption: 

“I will not say she is my better half... she completes me... love u ginni... please welcome her... I love her so much :)”

There always have been much curiosity about the actor’s personal life among fans. We would like to appreciate the way Kapil shared this sweet little detail of his life with his fans. He first tweeted: 

Hi..want to share something very beautiful thing with u guys ...wait for 30 mins ..

His loyal fans waited for half an hour to know about this amazing detail of the actor’s personal life. 

He then tweeted in a rather comic way, why he isn’t going to miss Deepika Padukone anymore. Here’s what he wrote: 

deepu... now m not gona miss u .. hahahahaha.. love always

We all wish Kapil Sharma a very blissful life with his ladylove