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After Six Boys, Mother Is Seventh Time Lucky - A Girl

PTI 12 Jan 2010, 21:36:55 PM IST

30-year-old Kelly Bailey of Southampton desperately needed a girl – and she was seventh time lucky. The little girl Holly will be the sister to six boys – Jack 12, George 11, Max, 8, Theo, 4, Alfie, 3, and Joe, one, reports The Daily Mail, London.

Kelly's husband 34-year-old Martin Bailey works as a nightshift manager at a parcel distribution company. He comes home at 9am and sleeps to 4pm when he gets up and helps with the dinner and all the postmeal baths.

And why did Kelly want a girl? Because, now she would have someone with whom she can 'do all the usual girly things'.

She said: 'I love the boys to death but there are certain things they won't want to do. I can take Holly shopping for make-up, buy dresses for her, buy her her wedding dress and so on, all those little firsts. We can have a chat about things the boys won't want to. It's just that special bond between mother and daughter.'

'With Holly I had a scan at 20 weeks and they told me it was a girl, but I didn't believe them even when they checked four times.'

Says father Martin: 'Holly is gorgeous and I'm thrilled to have her. I'm going to buy her a baby's football kit to get her into it. There is going to be a bit of a struggle between me and Kelly - she keeps buying her clothes and I've never seen so much pink in the house.'

The Baileys' first, Jack, arrived in November 1997. But when their youngest boy Joe had to be delivered during an emergency caesarean section they agreed that, because of the complications that led to the operation, he would be their last child.

'Although Martin wanted more children he said he never wanted to see me go through that again,' Kelly  said.  'Holly was not planned at all, which makes her all the more special. I still can't believe it. To get her home is just incredible. I just cried and cried and cried. Holly arrived early on New Year's Day weighing 6lb13oz.'

Martin Bailey said: 'I think we have always wanted a girl to complete our family, that is why we kept trying. It just rounds things off.'