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Chopstick Pierces Chinese Kid's Nose, Lodges In Brain

PTI 08 Jan 2010, 11:01:17 AM IST

A 14-month-old Chinese kid in Beijing had to undergo brain surgery after a chopstick entered his nose while playing and was lodged inside his brain, says a CNN report.  The boy fell on the chopstick, which pierced his nose and lodged inside his skull.

"It touched upon the deep area of his brain, four centimeters of the chopstick was inside his skull,"  Doctor Sun Wei told CNN. "The position of the chopstick was very, very lucky for him."

The kid's mother  Zhao Guilu was in another room washing dishes when she heard her son Li Jingchao crying and came running.  The boy was lying on the ground wailing with the stick protruding from his head.

"I rushed in and saw him lying on the ground," Guilu said. "He couldn't stop crying and I noticed a chopstick stuck in his nose."

The boy's panicked mother rushed the child to a nearby medical clinic, but doctors feared it was too risky to remove the stick. A relative offered to drive the the boy and his parents hundreds of miles to Beijing instead.

"I thought at that time, it is all over, my boy will die," the kid's father said.  "During the 10 hours of driving, I felt depressed, I could barely breathe. I looked at my boy and his right side was numb, he was paralyzed."

Neurosurgeons in Beijing feared removing the chopstick would rupture an artery and got the child ready for surgery. Yet when they pulled it, it came straight out easily.

Doctors say the boy had a lucky escape, and he could have been permanently paralyzed or died if the stick has been a few millimeters to either side, or further in. "I never thought it would be this successful," his father said. "This hospital gave him a second life."