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Floating Mountain of Avatar In China

PTI 27 Jan 2010, 11:50:48 IST

It's the real-life version of the incredible floating mountains from hit movie Avatar.

This dramatic peak proved the inspiration for specially-created scenery in the sci-fi tale. 

Now, with fans flocking to see it, bosses at China's Zhangjiajie National Forest Park have changed its name from the Heaven and Earth pillar to Avatar Hallelujah Mountain. 

Na'vis ... film characters Jake Sully and NeytiriPark spokesman Shi Cheng said: "We had a photographer from Hollywood here in 2008 and he shot a lot of pictures of the forest scenery - in particular the Heaven and Earth pillar. 

"We were then amazed to see it had become the basis for the movie's floating mountains." 

The 3,544ft mountain is one of 3,000 in the park - all formed following years of erosion in China's southern Hunan Province. 

Local Lu Wey, 39, said: "We don't mind the new name if it helps raise money to preserve the park."