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Man In China Throws Cycle At Robbers To Catch Them

PTI 06 Jan 2010, 9:38:28 IST

A Chinese man is being hailed on the Internet as the nonchalant vigilante with nerves of steel.  He  was caught by security cameras handing out some rough street justice when he saw two bag-snatchers making a quick getaway, reports The Mail, London.

The riders apparently snatched a purse from a woman in the streets of Wenzhou, China, who ran after them shouting the Chinese equivalent of 'Stop thief!'.

Rather than turn around and give chase, the cyclist calmly stepped off his bike, and stood by it, waiting patiently.

When the robbers - fleeing the scene on a moped - reached him, he nonchalantly picked his bike up, and threw it at them - bringing them down to earth in a shower of sparks.

1) The cyclist sees the scooter coming towards him, and gets off his bike

2) With a move that would do Superman proud, he launches the bike

3) The thieves are brought to the ground, and are arrested seconds later

Perhaps feeling a little like Clint Eastwood after his heroics, the cyclist then took a slow, menacing walk up to the bag-snatchers.

But when they scrambled to their feet and lunged at him, he quickly changed his mind, and promptly ran off - without his bike.

The CCTV footage, taken on December 20, shows the cyclist passing by the front of a hotel.

According to website nowpublic.com, the thieves tried to chase down the biker but gave up and started running the other way.

But his bike-throwing tactic bought security guards enough time to arrive and capture the thieves - and one can be seen rugby-tackling one of the men at the end of the tape.

Although not captured on tape, the stolen red bag was returned to its owner - and the bike thrower left the scene quietly with his distorted bicycle.