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Nurse Caught Thieving On CCTV

PTI 19 Jan 2010, 11:53:07 AM IST

A severely disabled lady from Bristol Lorraine Andrews realized that money was going missing from her purse. The wheelchair-bound lady took advice from police and arranged for a hidden camera to be set up in her home.

And the day she set up the hidden camera, she found her nurse Jane Hoy removing money from her purse and concealing it in her trousers, reports The Mail, London.

49-year-old Jane Hoy was arrested but denied committing any crime until she was shown the video.

She pleaded guilty to four counts of theft totalling £125 and four counts of attempted theft when she appeared before Bristol magistrates.

But Lorraine Andrews, who is so disabled she needs intensive care four times a day, believes Hoy may have stolen up to £2,000 from her, the court was told.

In her victim impact statement, Andrews, of Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol, said: 'At first I didn't want to believe it. It was awful to come to the realisation that someone in such a position of high trust should betray that trust and steal from me, a disabled, vulnerable woman dependent on others to meet my most basic needs. When I caught you on camera, I was devastated. How could you? Have you been doing this to other people too? I am so angry. 

‘What gives you the right to think that vulnerable people already dealt hard blows in life deserve even more hard blows from you? When I saw you on camera using one of my sweaters to wipe your fingerprints from the surface of my purse I realized just how callous you are.

‘I was reduced to tears, hurt, upset and amazed at how two-faced you are.  I can't believe how on the surface you were so nice to me, to the point that I felt really bad about reporting you, yet your actions show you are nothing more than a cruel and selfish individual.'

The court heard Lorraine Andrews first became suspicious someone was stealing from her purse and rucksack in August 2008, but did not do anything about it immediately.

Because she is wheelchair-bound and needs assistance to get out of bed, she could not be sure which of her many nurses was responsible.

Jane Hoy, who was employed by a care agency, was caught on CCTV on eight occasions between November 29 and December 14 last year.

Hoy, from St Anne's, Bristol, held her head in her hands during the hearing. She was granted conditional bail until she is sentenced at Bristol Crown Court on February 5.