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Obama's Daughters Hit The Waves In Hawaii

PTI 02 Jan 2010, 13:27:24 IST

US President Barack Obama's daughter Malia learned to surf during their yearend vacation in Hawaii, reports The Mail, London.

After a few wobbly attempts, the 11-year-old daughter managed to stand upright on her board to the delight of her mother Michelle, who was watching with a group of young friends.

The family was pictured on the beach in front of the house they are renting in a suburb of Honolulu.

Barack Obama enjoyed a game of golf - although his body movements suggested he might be a useful surfer himself.

The president hit the links at Mid-Pacific Country Club - just hours after starting his day with a workout at the gym on the Marine Corps base in Kaneohe Bay.

Michelle Obama applauded her daughter Malia at the family's rented holiday home.

Malia's younger sister Sasha also managed to stand up on her board - although it looked as though she may have got a bit of sneaky help.

But it wasn't all sports for the Obamas - the family did find time to relax at the cinema also, with a private showing of James Cameron's Avatar.

The Obamas visited a cinema near their rented  house yesterday morning for a screening of the 3-D hit, before the day's regular screenings began.

Obama, a self-described film buff, left his compound with Sasha, Malia and wife Michelle before noon on New Year's Eve.

The family have been in Hawaii since Christmas. They returned to Washington in the new year.

Obama  and his daughters Malia and Sasha left a shopping mall after watching the film Avatar.