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Police Video Shows 6-Year-Old Girl Saved From Car By Inches

PTI 26 Sep 2009, 10:35:19 IST
Dramatic surveillance video was released by Sunnyside Police Department in the US on Wednesday showing a young girl narrowly avoiding getting crushed to death when a car crashes into a wall, just inches from her as she walks on the pavement.

Six-year-old Yasmin Frausto was spotted in the video as the car crashed into the building she was walking alongside with a couple of her family members. 

The girl managed to run back as the car was racing towards her.  Her father Acension Frausto called Yasmin's escape a "miracle." “We don't' know how it happened. It happened so quick”, he said.

The six-year-old told local television that since her experience cars were frightening.

 "I get scared when the cars pass," she said.  Local television reported police as saying that the accident took place on Saturday night when the driver backed into a truck and then into the wall.

Reporters asked Yasmin: “Did you think that it was going to hit you”. “Yes”.

 “So what did you do when the car hit the wall'” “I ran back”. AP