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Poonam Pandey back on twitter, posts hot pics again (view pics)

India TV Entertainment Desk 21 Aug 2014, 6:56:41 AM IST
India TV Entertainment Desk
New Delhi: There is an intimacy in everything Poonam Pandey does and with every move she tries going one level up.

The actress is once again back on the social networking platform with some outrageous and seductive snaps which will slay all her fans.

Donning hot pants and a bra, and flaunting her immaculate figure the ‘Nasha' actress has given numerous sensuous poses to the camera and quoted her wish for having a hot coffee.

The epitome of seductiveness, Poonam Pandey tweets, “I'm a grumpy cat today. I'm not sure if I need lots of Hot coffee, or ???? ;)”

In another tweet she kept asking her tweethearts to help her in making a choice between hot coffee and any other thing suiting her erotic personality.

But her sudden twist in topic from coffee to love someone was beyond our level of understanding; however, it was all served with her hot poses in those tiny outfits

“You don't just stop loving someone. You either always will, or you never did in the first place”, Poonam wrote.

“loving someone so much , their happiness makes you happy”, she wrote in another tweet.

Recently the actress came under controversy when a rape victim model blamed her for that. The victim in a statement recorded by the Mumbai police said that it was under Poonam's influence that the DIG raped her as she is her rival in the industry.

Poonam was saddened by the report and she requested the concerned department via twitter to investigate the case since it is spoiling her image badly.

Whatever be the controversy, the actress couldn't stay away from her seductive hobby and the snaps says it all.