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Scientists Run As Volcanic Molten Lava In Hawaii Chases Them

PTI 24 Jan 2010, 10:19:05 AM IST

A plucky pair of scientists in Hawaii chose to stare death in the face to get a closer look at a volcanic eruption. But six seconds later they had to hot foot it from a sticky end as the lava from Kilauea volcano quickened pace, photographs published by The Mail show.

The amazing footage was taken near the Puu Oo volcanic cone and was recently unearthed in the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory.

A thirst for knowledge outweighed personal concerns at the pair look at a gushing volcano in Hawaii.

The unstoppable molten mass headed down the street, ignoring the road signs, to the Royal Gardens.

The molten mass showed no likelihood of obeying the traffic sign to stop and surges ran down the street and into the nearby Royal Gardens.

And while the plucky duo can now look back on their 1983 exploits with pride the same volcano is now bubbling ominously.

The lava pond deep within the summit of Kilauea volcano has risen hundreds of feet and is now a glowing so bright it lights up the nighttime sky in the paradise American Island.

Scientists are keeping a close eye on the surge by filming from helicopter overflights and using a thermal camera which can penetrate the thick smoke.

And just this week the lava surface within the crater rose to its highest level in at least a year.

Stunning video shots show the lava has reached just behind the rim in one section, ironically coinciding with Volcano Awareness Month in Hawaii.

 The Puu Oo cone formed by the Kilauea volcano.

The volcano lighted up the night sky.