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Sea Terror As Massive Wage Engulfs Mother And Baby

PTI 02 Jan 2010, 14:37:36 PM IST

Their eyes were probably on the sky, waiting for the next snowstorm. But the threat to this family came from the sea.

A huge wave struck the sea wall at Scarborough, North Yorkshire, as the couple strolled along the front with their two-year-old son in a pushchair, reports The Mail, London.

The woman was swept clean off her feet as the pram fell over on its side and was swamped by the freezing water.

The family was heading for a walk in Scarborough along the sea wall

Unaware of the wall of water about to come crashing down on them, the group paused as sea water sloshed about their feet.

The woman managed to right herself and onlookers say she and her baby were 'very lucky' to escape without injury.

Marketing worker Pascal Wharton, 23, from Richmond, Surrey, photographed the dramatic encounter on Wednesday afternoon at the North Yorkshire town.

He said: 'The family were up in Scarborough on holiday and after the wave hit they were pretty much soaked to the skin.

'These really big waves were constantly coming over the wall and I don't think they understood the power of them.

'It was stupid and dangerous to walk where they did and they were all washed onto the road.

‘It's well known locally for being dangerous because before they built the sea wall cars would be swept off and some people were even killed.'

Hidden behind the wave, the mother and pushchair were knocked over next to a car

The water drained away revealing what happened to the pushchair and the mother struggling on the ground