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Bigg Boss 11: Gauhar Khan slams Shilpa Shinde for ‘torturing’ Vikas Gupta, shocked that no one’s stopping her

Gauhar Khan also slams the housemates for not taking a stand for sensible things.
Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi November 04, 2017 17:05 IST
Reshu Manglik

This week’s Bigg Boss was more dramatic than any of the episode of the season 11. Friendships, fights and fallouts have become the part and parcel of the show. When Vikas Gupta hugged Shilpa Shinde, viewers thought that it might be the beginning of a new friendship. But their guesses were wrong; at least that’s what we can see in the last few episodes. Vikas and Shilpa can never stay under one roof, let alone being friends. In this week’s luxury budget task, Bigg Boss Cushion Factory, Vikas and Shilpa were at loggerheads. According to the majority votes of the housemates, Vikas Gupta, Arshi Khan and Mehjabeen were sent to the Kaal Kothri.

But Shilpa Shinde has some different plans for her arch nemesis Vikas Gupta. She seemed to have sworn to God to irritate Gupta to extreme levels. Her atrocities went to such an extent that Vikas almost break down on national television and even tried to escape the house. Most of the housemates find Shilpa’s behaviour ruthless but do nothing to stop her. This angered the ex-Bigg Boss winner to the core.

Gauhar Khan took to Twitter to express her disappointment with Shilpa Shinde and the rest of the housemates for putting Vikas Gupta in this situation. Here’s what she tweeted:

She expressed disappointment in the rest of the housemates that no one took a stand for him and explained Shilpa that torturing anyone is not right. She argues that even if Vikas did wrong to her outside the show, her behaviour is not right as well. She also expresses that she is said that no one is taking a stand for sensible things.

She also admits that Shilpa Shinde is good by heart, but by doing all these things, she’s losing respect.

Twitter has been divided into  Team Shilpa and Team Vikas, after how things unfolded in Bigg Boss over the last few days. Which side are you on? Shilpa Shinde or Vikas Gupta?