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8 Genius period hacks every woman should know

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 05 Apr 2017, 11:22:38 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Period is no enjoyable phase, let’s just admit it. But being a menstruating woman, it’s a part and parcel of life. But who says it has to be painful and problematic all the time. Here we’ve compiled some of the best and useful period hacks that you can use during those days of the month. 

Do you forget your period date?

Technology has taken a step forward. There a number of period-tracking app. Download a reliable menstruation app on your smartphone and never miss out on your period date. These apps even remind you about changing your pads/tampons! 

Start taking pain relievers before your period hits 

Ideally, if your periods are painful, then start taking the painkillers a day before your period date. A pain reliever will reduce bloating and menstrual cramps. But they need some time to function. So taking them beforehand would we wise. 

Have sex 

No matter how clumsy or bizarre it might seem. But sex really cures the menstrual cramps. Having sex during periods releases the hormones, endorphins and oxytocin that acts like a natural pain-killer. 

Wear period-friendly panties 

A leak can be disastrous and embarrassing. Thus, invest in a good period-friendly panty. They’re comfortable and leak-proof. 

Drink a lot of water 

You often ignore the importance of hydration while menstruating. And that’s where things go wrong. Drink lots of water as it relieves the period pain. Dehydrated uterine muscles cause more pain. Drinking plenty of water can reduce bloating and menstrual pain as well. 

Eat some dark chocolate 

It is the tastiest pain reliever ever. Dark chocolate boosts your serotonin levels which ease menstrual pain. 

Eat or drink some ginger 

Drink a cup or two of ginger infused tea. You can eat the ginger slices to ease the pain. Ginger has many benefits in reducing menstrual pain and bloating. 

Keep a portable heating pad ready 

If you have to work during your periods, then keep a portable heating pad in your handbag. Pull it out in case your cramps get unbearable.