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9 easy tips to keep yourself cool this summer

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 06 Apr 2017, 17:59:54 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Summer is barely there and we can’t stand the heat already. If not record breaking, but 2017 will be equally hotter. You don’t have to hike up your electricity bills for keeping yourself cool this summer. The experts from the city have shared their valuable advice on how to keep yourself cool this summer. 

  • Paint the walls with lighter shades like white, pale yellow or any other lighter hue. They absorb lesser heat and keep the environment cool. 
  • Switch to lighter shades for cushion covers and bedsheets. They give a cooling sensation to eyes. 
  • Put cheap glossy tiles on the terrace to keep the temperature of the underlying rooms low. The tiles reflect the sun rays. 

  • Put heat absorbent glasses on your window panes. They keep the bright sunlight out of the room. 
  • Use lighter shades in curtain. The material of the curtains should be thick to prevent sunlight entering the house. 

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  • Put a green shade on your terrace. This will prevent the heat coming inside the building. 
  • Invest in mist fan. They don’t take up much electricity as ACs do but provide more respite than room coolers. 

  • Cover your roof with terracotta tiles. This is an ancient and tested method to keep your house cool. 
  • Use chick curtains or perforated blinds made up of jute or bamboo. Sprinkle some water on them. This way, the air entering the house will get a bit cooler coming into contact with water.