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Beware! Drinking from plastic water bottle 'as bad as licking a toilet seat'

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 15 Aug 2016, 18:44:11 PM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Water is one of the most important element for sustaining life and we all know that intake of water at regular intervals has numerous health benefits. It quenches our thirst after exercise, treats headaches and migraines and can also help us lose weight. 

In order to serve such purposes, many of us have a habit of usually carrying water in refillable plastic bottles, to have access to clean and safe drinking water as soon as possible. 

However, a new research from TreadmillReviews suggests that this practice could be disastrous. Here is how.

As per the research, drinking water out of a used plastic bottle is as bad as licking a toilet seat – because of the bacteria that such bottles were found to be carrying.

The study was conducted on four types of water bottles - screw-top, slide-top, squeeze-top and straw-top bottles, which were used by an athlete for a week without washing. It was discovered that a slide top bottle had the most bacteria, which was same as the bacteria on a toilet seat or pet bowl or kitchen sink. 


The study indicated that the proliferation of germs is caused on unwashed bottles due to a build up of sweat. According to the study, 60 per cent of the bacteria could lead to severe health issues.

Researchers also found that stainless steel bottles were healthier options and the cleanest of the bottles was a straw top.