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Beware! This is what ready-to-eat meals can do to your body

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 02 Aug 2016, 18:47:05 PM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

While convenience meals may be easy and fast to prepare, experts believe that microwavable meals could lead to serious consequences on health. 

According to a Daily Mail report, nutritionists claim that carcinogenic toxins are leached out of the plastic containers that are commonly used for heating food in a microwave.

“These toxins enter the food, then as you consume the food, they enter your body,” Rick Hay, anti-ageing food and fitness nutritionist a.k.a The Super Foodist, was quoted by Daily Mail as saying. 

"The extra toxins put extra pressure on your digestive system and on your immune system, too. They can have a detrimental effect on fertility, hormone balance, blood pressure, cardio vascular health, mood and libido also. Obviously, the more you use the microwave the higher your exposure to these potentially harmful chemicals,” he further added. 

Rick also explained that people are often concerned about the constant exposure to increased radiation that is emitted from the microwave and told that it can affect sleep patterns, concentration, energy levels and concentration. 

Meanwhile, Lily Soutter, nutritionist and weight loss expert at lilysoutternutrition.com, explained the negative impacts of eating microwavable meals. 

“Many of the fruit and vegetables found in ready meals are pre-chopped and packaged. Studies have shown that pre-prepared fruit and vegetable can contain up 50 per cent less vitamin C when in comparison to those which are loose and unprepared,” said Lily.
She also said that such meals are manufactured using additives like chemicals, preservatives, stabilizers, E colourings and saturated fats, which are cheap with poor nutritional values. 

To get rid of the harmful effects that convenience meals cause after being heated in microwave, she suggests using glass containers instead of plastic.