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This new test can help in curing the deadly cancer disease, says research

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 04 Aug 2016, 20:00:45 PM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

It’s been long that scientists are trying to find an absolute cure to cancer.

Cancer has been one of the deadly diseases known to mankind. So far, with the advent of technology, several researches were done in order to find a way to treat this disease. Although, they were successful to an extent as now we have chemotherapies and several other treatments for cancer, but the quest to take over this disease was still on.

But as per the recent study, scientists at Cambridge University has developed a model which can play a pivotal role in curing cancer.

Reportedly, this new test will take information doctors already receive about cancer patients and uses it to put them into one of five groups in order of severity.

So far, cancer patients are categorised into three groups on diagnosis – low, intermediate and high risk.
These broad categories often fails to give the required treatment especially from the intermediate group. In fact, at times, these patients receive unpleasant procedure they did not need.

But with the help of this new test patients will be able to get aggressive treatment for their disease and will avoid unnecessary treatment.

“The new system meant those ‘in the middle’ would get better treatments that were most suitable for their illness,” Vincent Gnanapragasam, who led the research based, told a leading daily.

He further added, “The current system was only around 60 per cent accurate in predicting whether or not cancer patients would die, whereas the new system was between 70 and 80 per cent accurate”.