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Change the way you wear a saree with these 6 fun tricks

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 01 Apr 2017, 10:41:09 AM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

It’s time to revamp the saree tradition. Wear it in a way different than the traditional style. Replace the blouse with a crop top and add a belt for style, suggest experts. 

Bhavya Chawla, Chief Stylist at Voonik and Yashodhara Shroff, Director and founder at Styletag.com have given tips on how you can stylise your six-yard wonder in innovative ways:

Ditch traditional blouse for a crop top

Pair a funky crop top with your sari. Choose from polka dotted prints or monochrome colours and Aztec prints and flaunt your midriff in these hot picks. You can also switch to peplums.

Top it with jackets or shirts

Sport an embroidered, velvet, denim or collared jacket with sari. Try coverall jackets and sheer printed shirts to look trendy.

Pick a heavily embroidered jacket

Team it with a plain sari or a collared jacket like the Victorian ruffled high collar style to dazzle in the traditional attire.

Belt your sari

Using the right belt can make you look classy in a sari. Look for a metal waist belt or an embellished one in leather or fabric that can be worn a little above your waistline. Belts can give the sari a perfect structure and hold your pleats in place. The belt can save the pallu from sliding off as well.

Ditch the sari petticoat

Team your sari with a pair of palazzos, dhoti pants or jeans to sport a modern look. Traditionally, a sari is draped over a petticoat, but play it up with these combinations to make a statement.

Give away Kancheepuram silk or georgette and go denim

Instead of going for the regular sari fabrics like georgette and kancheepuram silk, try different fabrics like denim and make a style statement of your own.

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