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Eat these to lose weight fast

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 31 Mar 2017, 14:55:27 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

When we think of protein, there are pretty good chances that weight gain is the first thing that comes to our mind. But do you know that lean protein can help you lose weight? And this lean protein comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Ctting protein from your diet to lose weight is the biggest diet mistake you can make. Protein is required by our body to maintain, repair and grow fat-burning muscles. Protein also makes you stay fuller for longer, which automatically reduces your portion size in the next meal. 

Here are the 10 kinds of protein that will trigger your weight loss like never before. 

Black Beans 

Try them in your soup or eat them boiled. Eat ½ cup of black beans to shed that extra weight. 


Bake some 28 gms of Cod and have them with lemon juice. One serving of cod contains 24 gm of lean protein. 


Popeye’s favourite veggie is also a reliable source of protein. Along with protein, it also contains Vitamin A and C. One cup of this leafy green contains as much protein as a hard-boiled egg. 


Guava is the highest-protein fruit. One cup of guava contains 4 grams of protein. Plus, the fibre content in the fruit helps in better functioning of your digestive system. 


Peas packs eight times more protein than a cup of spinach. With the adequate amount of vitamin C in a single cup, it also helps to boost your immune system. 


85 grams of chicken contains 142 calories, 3 grams of fat but a whopping 26 grams of protein. Chicken alone is sufficient enough to meet more than half of your daily protein requirement. 


It is the easiest, cheapest and readily available. Each good-quality egg consist of 7 grams of protein. Apart from proteins, eggs are also fortified with amino acids, antioxidants and iron. This time while eating eggs, don’t eat just the whites, the egg yolk consist of a fat-booster nutrient called choline. 


They are healthy as well as tasty. You’ll be surprised to know that one cup of lentils contain three times more protein than an egg. The high-fibre content in lentils makes the digestion easier. 

Peanut Butter 

Peanut butter is addictive yet healthy. But don’t go overboard while having this amazing source of protein. Don’t exceed the maximum limit of two tablespoons per day. 


Easily available, tasty, rich and healthy! Almonds are a complete package on their own. Consider each almond as a natural weight loss pill. Have a 1/4th cup of these nuts with your low-calorie diet every day.