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Women are going crazy over this new eyebrow trend and no, you’re not going to love it!

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 14 Apr 2017, 17:47:30 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

It’s not the first time that the beauty enthusiasts of the Instagram went crazy over an absolutely bizarre trend. Few months ago, women were obsessing over this new type of beauty sponge called sillisponge. But this time, this new beauty trend is way too insane to be accepted as normal. 

What’s happening now is the women of Instagram are trying this bizarre new eyebrow trend called- feather eyebrows. You must have already got the hint. 

Plucking or shaving eyebrows are the things of the past. In this new trend, the eyebrows are raised and neaten up to look like a feather. This weird trend seems to have been started by this makeup artist from Helsinki, Finland. A few days ago she posted a picture of herself with weird patterned eyebrows which she proudly calls a new trend. 

Hell broke loose ever since she posted that picture. Women around the world are trying this technique on their eyebrow and posting the pictures with the #feathereyebrows hashtags. 

Stella’s little joke didn’t go very well with her 48,000 followers who heartily accepted these freakish eyebrows as a new trend. 

If you feel amused by this latest trend, we have a quick tip for you to recreate the feather eyebrows. Just part your brow hairs from the middle. Slather some Vaseline to hold the hair in place and Tada! You’re now a part of this new eyebrow trend.