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For the first time ever, Haryana reports sex ratio of 950; things looking up?

Tripti Narain New Delhi 17 Apr 2017, 18:16:23 PM IST
Tripti Narain

Haryana, a state notorious for its skewed child sex ratio has reported a big jump in the numbers and how! A heartening 950/1000, seems unbelievable but they have done it, according to the National Family Health Survey, 4, Census. We can already see the little girls smiling. 

As per the census 2011 data, there were 851 girls per 1000 boys in the state, a sad state of affairs but several programmes saw the seeds of change being brought about. Also read: Why saving daughters is important

While Haryana reported an increase this time, the data for Maharashtra is dismal with the sex ratio going down. From 917 in 2014, it came down to 907 in 2015 and it further declined to 899 in 2016. A worrying number.(Source: Maharashtra Family Planning Deptt.)

We would give it to Meghalaya and Kerala where the number of girls are more than that of boys - 1009 in Meghalaya and 1047 girls per 1000 boys in Kerala. During 2005-2006 survey, the two states had a sex ratio of 907, 925 respectively and they have only come up from there. 

Say yes to girl power!