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97% of girls find it okay to marry a guy younger than them, survey revealed

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 08 Jun 2017, 12:29:49 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

A recent social media study ‘Girls Are Ok ,Are Guys’, conducted by the largest online matchmaking brand Bharat Matrimony revealed some surprising facts. It also busted some myths about what does a girl look for while finding a life partner. The survey took cues from over 2100 responses. Bharat Matrimony posted 10 ‘Are You OK’ questions to girls, like ‘If the boy is a mumma’s boy’ ‘if the boy doesn’t like shopping’ or ‘if a boy is clumsy’. Similarly, it asked ‘If a boy is younger than you’. 

Here are some interesting insights from the survey: 

  • A whopping 97 percent of girls said that they were ok to marry a guy younger than them.
  • 80 percent the audience say that they have no problem with a mamma's boy and it definitely does not mean they lack independence in life.
  • 95 percent of the audience said that are fine with living in a joint family. Out of this, 60 percent were girls and 35 percent guys.
  • 90 percent of the girls say that they would leave the room as it is until he cleans the room he has messed up!
  • Lack of Patience and Boredom are main reasons why guys don't like to accompany girls for shopping.
  • Women say that they would emotionally blackmail a guy or cook a nice meal for him when they wish to get the TV remote in their hands!
  • Attitude and Understanding are more important than Looks while choosing a Life Partner say the young Indians.
  • Guys don't need to sacrifice their hobbies and can continue to play cricket or pursue other games and arts even after marriage.
  • Most girls feel that their individuality needs to be respected and that they should not be compared with the guy's mother.
  • 85 percent girls prefer to find a life partner who lives close to their hometown since they can continue to spend time with their parents even after marriage.

Kaushik Tiwari, VP - Head Marketing at Matrimony.com said, "Our social media campaign was to dispel myths about what girls are okay with when it comes to marriage. The campaign offered a platform to build conversations around this and the results were surprising. It helps girls and guys understand each other better." 

(With ANI Inputs)