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How to take care of your kids’ hair in summer

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 03 Jun 2017, 17:39:38 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Summer can take a toll on your skin and hair. Think about the kids who already have such delicate skin and hair. Protecting them from the damaging sun rays is equally important. Summer is the time when kids catch more infection, so its important to maintain proper hygiene. Dirty and sweaty hair can cause serious infections. Tie your child’s hair in a clean braid before they go to bed, suggests expert. Ram Shukla, Senior Director-Research and Development at Johnson & Johnson, India and Indu Khosla, Pediatrician, have rolled out a few tips that could be followed by parents:

  • Understand the difference between 0-3-year-old child's hair and a 3-10-year-old's hair and adult hair and accordingly use the right product. Ideally a child's shampoo pH should be less than 5.5-6; as a pH level greater than 5.5 may increase the negative electrical charge of hair fibre surface resulting in friction between fibres and ultimately leading to cuticle damage and hair breakage.
  • Tie your child's hair in clean plaits before they go to bed. Don't leave in any clip which can entangle in their hair and lead to hair fall.
  • A mild, easy lather and non-irritating formula that deeply cleanses hair and scalp is ideal for your child's hair and scalp. Diluting harsh adult or family shampoos is not an option.
  • Try and make sure the children play in the shade. Keep their hair covered when out.
  • A common concern expressed by mothers is that shampoos may be harsh on a child's eyes, resulting in irritation and redness, and ultimately leading to an aversion to hair wash. Gentle tearless formula shampoo will make shampooing an easy fun activity for kids.
  • Use products with natural extracts that moisturise root to tip leaving hair more manageable and easy to comb.
  • Pay extra attention to what your children are eating. Increase their intake of fruits and water.
  • It is important that they have a balanced diet which contains adequate amount of proteins and vitamins. In an older child dry fruits like walnuts and almonds also ensure good hair.

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