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Kohli effect: Clean shave is passé; beard dyeing business registers growth in India

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 11 Jan 2017, 13:33:52 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Gone are the days when women liked clean shave boys, now people are going crazy for beards. Yes, we can call it the inspiration from star cricketer Virat Kohli that these days, most of the men, are opting for heavy bearded and stubble look. The outcome of this trend is the increasing sales of facial fuzz colouring products.

Demonetisation has affected the business of many industries but the beard colouring segment remained unfazed by it. In fact it has witnessed a strong growth during last calendar year.

Bigen is the only company that sell Men’s Beard Color in India. You will be shock to know that the company registered the growth of 40% last year whereas the hair colour industry itself has the average growth of 8%. Bigen is the Janpnese Company that is marketed and distributed in India by J L Morison India. Notable point is famous hair colour brands L’Oreal and Godrej don’t sell products in this segment.

The group brand manager of JL Morison India Mazhar Patel stated that men are preferring roughed look these days, thus metrosexual man is slowly disappearing and it is the reason of increasing sale in hair colour segment.

But this increasing trend of beard can prove to be harmful for the business of razor companies. In order to increase sales, the famous brand Gillette previously started a ‘Shave India’ and ‘Women Against Lazy Stubble’ campaigns but now it seems that the company has to find some other ways to match the trend and attract the audience.