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7 tips to protect your feet from infection this monsoon

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 16 Aug 2016, 23:25:34 PM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

Monsoons have set afoot in our live and this definitely calls for celebrations. This season which brings a relief after the scorching heat brings smile on faces of all.

However, before you step out in the rain to get soaked in the drops, think about your feet once. Have you thought what the rain does to your feet?

Infection and feet allergy is common thing during monsoons.

Here are seven tips which will help fight allergy when it is raining so that you enjoy every bit of monsoons without thinking about the pedestals.

* Wear open, strappy sandals that are made of waterproof material. Once you're back home, wash your feet with an antiseptic liquid and pat dry. Layer it with loads of talcum powder to prevent your feet sweating further.

If your feet stink during the downpour season, try keeping used tea bags inside your shoes to retain the freshness.

* At night, after washing your feet, let them dry and massage them using moisturising lotion. This will soothe your overworked toes by giving them the needed comfort the entire night.

* Our feet go through a lot of mud and dirt while it rains. Therefore, pamper your feet at least once in a month by going for a pedicure at an expert salon. But, if you don't have time, you can do it conveniently at home too.

Prepare a mixture by adding one teaspoon shampoo, one teaspoon table salt along with a few drops of antiseptic liquid in warm water. Soak your feet in it for ten minutes and scrub off the dead skin using a pumice stone; followed by rinsing of the feet with warm water.

Dry them and massage using a moisturising cream and sleep wearing cotton socks.

* Tea-Tree Pedicure is a new revolution in foot care that turns your feet beautiful, fairer and smoother. Best suited for the monsoon, it has antiseptic, anti-fungal and disinfecting properties and, therefore, this pedicure keeps skin-allergies, cracked heels, feet corns and other sensitivity issues also at bay.

The extract of tea-tree soothes your feet and even turns them brighter and softer with regular sittings.

* To make your feet soft, supple and more presentable, you may try applying a mixture containing equal amounts of glycerine, rose water and lemon juice. Apply this mixture daily, after thoroughly washing your feet for a set of brighter-looking and smoother toes.

* Cracked heels is also a bothersome problem of monsoon. You can use waste candles to say good bye to cracked heels. Just create a mixture by heating the candle wax with equal amount of mustard oil so that it becomes a thick mixture. Fill your cracked heels with this mixture and sleep with cotton socks to make your heels smoother.

* Always keep your nails clipped and filed, especially if you are some one who regularly wears close-ended footwear. Having long toe-nails can cause pain in the nails and feet.


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