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Story of a beggar, who saved for 2 years to buy a new dress for his daughter, will break your heart

Reshu Manglik New Delhi 07 Apr 2017, 17:52:09 IST
Reshu Manglik

We take so many things for granted, right? Like the shoe you threw away cause it had a tiny hole in it. Or like the pair of pants you condemned as it went out of fashion. What if we tell you that a beggar had to save money for ‘2 years’ straight to buy a new dress for daughter? How would you feel? 

A few days ago, a Facebook account, GMB Akash shared a picture on Facebook with a touching story of man who saved money for 2 years, just to buy a new dress for his daughter.

This is a story about a beggar, MD. Kawsar Hossain, who begs on the street to earn a two-time meal for him and his beloved daughter. But wait, he wasn’t a beggar before. He had his hand amputated in an accident. He never imagined that he would have to beg ever in his life. His life took an unfortunate turn ever since then. 

When fate strikes, we humans are nothing but a puppet with no control over the happenings. The only ray of hope Hossain had in his life was his daughter. In her twinkling eyes, he saw his world. He has penned down in his story, how he wished he could die. But the warmth of his daughter’s hand holding his, makes his life worthwhile. 

2 years ago, he went to a shop to buy a new dress for his daughter. But the shopkeeper yelled at him for being a beggar. Ever since then, he started saving money so that he can see his little princess in new clothes. 2 years passed and Hossain bought a new yellow coloured frock for his daughter. 

He even borrowed a cellphone from his neighbour to capture her pictures in a new dress. His daughter never had any pictures, as they can’t afford a cell phone. The father wishes to buy a mobile phone, just to click loads of pictures of his princess. 

Did this story touch a chord in your heartr? Can you count how many times you’ve taken things for granted? We all did, we all are guilty of this. While we enjoy these little luxuries in our lives, we fail to see the immense happiness these ‘little things’ can bring in someone’s life. 

So, the next time you leave food on your plate or throw a newly-bought dress in the dustbin, just remember: There’s a man who saved money for 2 years just to buy a new dress for his daughter.