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Here’s how taking 5 or more medicines at the age of 65 can increase death risk

A new study has concluded that polyharmacy affects walking while talking.
India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi June 29, 2017 13:13 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

If your grandparents have been taking medication more than the normal number then consult your doctor to administer the medicines more judicially. A study has warned that older adults who take more than five medications are at increased risk of falls, weakness, disability and even death. Taking too many medicines is known as ‘Polypharmacy’. Older adults find difficulties in taking medications and these medicines might hinder the person’s ability to function properly. The ability to walk is a sign of good health for older adults. Their ability to walk can be affected if they use multiple medications. 

A new study has concluded that polyharmacy affects walking while talking. The researchers team examined 482 people who were aged 5 years or older. The primary agenda of the study was to determine how changes in brain and CNS occur during aging and how it might affect the person’s ability to walk. The researchers noted down the medications they were taking. Their physical health, mental well being and mobility were examined at the beginning of the study and at yearly follow-up appointments. 

The results suggested that 34 percent used five or more medications during the study period (June 2011-February 2016); 10 percent used more than eight medications.The participants were mostly in their late 70s.

Those, who took eight or more medications, had slower walking speed when walking while talking.The team concluded that there was a link between polypharmacy and walking speed.

They also noted that at their check-ups, older adults should be asked about all the medications they take, including herbal and other over-the-counter supplements. They also suggested that healthcare professionals measure walking speed during regular check-ups.

The research is published in the journal of the American Geriatrics Society 

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