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These 5 proven tips can make you feel better about Mondays

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 31 Mar 2017, 17:14:23 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

We hate Monday morning for probably a lot of reasons. Firstly, there’s a long week ahead. Secondly, there’s no sign of the weekend. Getting out of the bed on every Monday morning shouldn’t be a nightmare. Think about a small motivation and do it. 

Here’s some other tricks to feel good about Monday mornings. 

Change your mood 

Your mood is the biggest reason why you hate Mondays. Don’t crib about Mondays and change the perception. Start the day with something creative and new. 

Catch up on sleep 

You’re hating Monday morning probably because you’re sleep deprived. Avoid staying up late on weekend to keep the circadian rhythms on track. If you’re feeling sleepy in the morning, immediately come out of the bed and open the curtains. The sunlight suppresses the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’. 

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Try some calming breathing exercises. 

Thinking about a stressful week ahead can disturb the blood pressure. Try to relax yourself by practising meditation and breathing exercises. Keep your BP in check. 

Avoid binge drinking a night before

Binge drinking a night before can lower the body’s immunity for a day. Limit the drink to 2-3 a night before Monday. Have enough water to keep the effect of booze down. 

Do gentle yoga or go for a brisk walk 

A gentle physical exercise will set your blood flow right. It will improve the flow of blood to the muscles which will ease the soreness. 

So’ here’s how you can drive ‘Monday Morning Blues’ out of your house.