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This job pays Rs 11.2 lakh just for sleeping in bed! Here’s how to apply

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi April 05, 2017 19:35 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

If you want to earn a whopping amount of Rs. 11.2 lakh for doing literally nothing, then you could be in luck. A space research centre is offering a job in which you’re required to do absolutely nothing! 

Researchers at France’s Institute of Space Medicine and Physiology are searching for volunteer who can spend three months straight lying in the bed, so that they could study the effect of microgravity. 

This job is offering a handsome amount of money, that is. 16,000 Euros or Rs. 11.2 lakh to be precise. 

The Telegraph has reported that the researchers are in need of a human body while recreating the weightlessness of the International Space Station. 

The selected candidate will spend the three months on the bed for the study, which will have three phases. 

During the first two weeks, a series of examination and measurements would be conducted on the candidate. 

The next 60 days, volunteers will spend entirely in the bed. And for the last two weeks, there would a rehabilitation and physical recovery process. 

This study is being conducted to study the effects of prolonged bed rest in humans. 

This job, though, might seem simple to you. But there are some strict eligibility criteria. 

To be eligible for the job, you need to satisfy all the given conditions: 

You have to be a 20-45-year-old male in perfect health. 

No smoking habit 

Your Body Mass Index, i.e. BMI, should lie between 22 to 27. 

You should be an active sports-person and should not have any allergy or food restrictions. 

There are some tough parts of the job as well. You will be completely bed ridden with your head tilted downward by around six degrees. One shoulder of the volunteer will be kept in contact with the bed. The participants will also have to spend 60 days eating, sleeping, washing and doing the daily routine while lying down! 

So, would you be interested?