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This melon costs as much as a new car!

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi March 30, 2017 16:27 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

According to a report in The Independent, people of Japan are spending a fortune to buy a premium variety of melons. 

Yes, there’s a specific variety of melon called Yubari King that can cost you as much as a new car! 

Actually, Yubari King is a cross between two types of cantaloupe. 

The fruit ‘Yubari’ is only produced in a certain region. 

A pair of these premium cantaloupes was recently sold at an auction for a jaw-dropping price of 21,500 GBP, which implies, one melon cost over 10,000 GBP. In Indian currency, each of these premium fruits costs about 807537.15 INR! 

Buying a pair of premium ‘Yubari’ can cost you upto Rs. 16 lakhs. Imagine, paying Rs. 16 lakhs just for a ‘fruit’! 

The bidder who claimed the melons is a supermarket buyer in Hyogo Prefecture. "I wanted to return a favour to the farmers of Yubari, who help us every year," he said.

The reason Yubari King melons are so expensive is reportedly due to their sweetness.

The latest sale has been record-breaking, as previously Yubari melons were bought for not more than 19,000 GBP.