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Video! Woman delivers baby in less than a minute at hospital entrance

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 12 Aug 2016, 18:28:25 PM IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

A video footage that has gone viral shows a U.K woman Jessica Stubbins delivering her own baby at a hospital entrance without any medical assistance.

According to a report from Daily Mirror, Jessica and her husband Tom rushed to the hospital after realizing she was in labor and dashed out of the car while her husband parked.  But the baby came so quickly that she didn't have time to make go inside or even sit down.

The security footage captured Stubbins giving birth to her second daughter, Lucy, while standing in the entrance of the hospital, and this birth looks insanely effortless.

Stubbins' husband, Tom, who dropped her at the door of the hospital, told Good Morning Britain, a British television programme that “I was only a hundred feet away but I still missed it!" 

Jessica told ITV’s Ben Shephard that, “I just told Tom he best drop me off at the door as he parked the car. And then I was trying to close the door really quick and then as I got out I just knew that she was on the way.”

As per reports, Lucy is healthy and doing just fine.