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You will stop buying Ghee from unreliable shops after knowing this disgusting fact!

India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi 17 Mar 2017, 11:52:07 IST
India TV Lifestyle Desk

If you have a good source of pure milk and cream, then preparing Ghee at home is the best thing. If you don’t get time to prepare Ghee at home, then don’t make the mistake of purchasing it from an unreliable shop. We have not one but many reasons for this. You will be shocked to know how ‘Synthetic Ghee’ is prepared by adulterers! 

You should also stop having food from the roadside stalls. Most of the stalls use the cheaper variety of Ghee for preparing the food. This can be harmful to your health, more than you can imagine! 

How can adulterated Ghee KILL you? 

  • It has been noted that animal fats are used to prepare Synthetic Ghee. The presence of animal remains in the food can increase the risk of heart attack. 
  • The worst quality of Ghee contains crushed bones. Disgusted, already? The presence of bones in the food has not one but many negative impacts on your health. It can upset your digestion and can even damage your kidneys permanently! 
  • Heavy metals like Lead in adulterated ghee can cause life-threatening brain issues. It can also lead to chronic anemia. 
  • Cadmium in sub-standard Ghee can even cause certain types of cancers! This single reason is enough to convince you how dangerous Synthetic Ghee can be for you. 

Zinc in adulterated Ghee can cause miscarriage in pregnant women! 

If you’re pregnant, then make it a point to stay away from any other Ghee than the homemade ones. It can kill your baby and even risk your life.