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Heading for hostel? 13 items not needed in college hostel

IANS 26 Aug 2014, 7:48:31 AM IST
Los Angeles:  Healthy food items, favourite jeans and wine opener are among the 13 items that students definitely don't need to bring to college.

Usually when you're headed off to college, your parents will try and convince you that you need things like a Brita filter, a laptop lock and flat sheet. But they are not required, instead pack a lot of underwear and a Netflix account for all-day binge watching, reports huffingtonpost.com.

Here are is a list of 13 items that students certainly don't need in their hostel:

1. A mousepad

2. A wine opener

3. Your good jeans

4. A desk chair

5. Stilettos

6. A flat iron

7. A little black dress

8. Healthy snacks

9. A laptop case

10. A steamer

11. A toaster oven

12. Any type of holiday decorations

13. Laundry detergent