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5 signs that show she is ready to be more than 'just friends'!

India TV News Desk 30 Oct 2015, 23:48:28 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Love is as complicated and as simple as we want it to be. The impending problem of the world we are a part of is that with so much ill happening around, it is difficult to have faith in love. Especially, with the presence of so many stages before love. Friends, getting to know each other, dating and what not!

While boys are known to express their love easily, even telling the entire world they are in love, knowing what a woman feels is a herculean task. Most guys spend sleepless nights wondering if the girl he talks to at office or his best friend at college, or his neighbour feels the same about him. If the spark is mutual and she is also interested to take the friendship to another level?

They say no one can ever understand a woman. Hereby, we list 5 signs which will help you decipher what is going on in the girl's mind. These tell-tale signs will urge you to climb the next step in the relationship.

She texts you back quickly

Sometimes this puts you into thinking, if she is always next to her phone. No she isn't, stupid. She just doesn't want to miss a chance to talk to you.

She takes interest in your life and stories

Guys, if she is always ears to your stories, maybe you should realise that she is interested to be more than your friend. Please don't forget that there are many people who want to share their lives' happenings with her but she chooses to listen to you. All of a sudden if your successes start making her happy then it means she is into you.

She can't get your hands off you

A woman in love roots for physical contact which isn't entirely sexual. If she smoothes your hair, leans on your shoulder or brushes your arm it's a concrete sign that she is ready to be your partner.

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She builds her universe around you

Whether it is talking to her friends about you, or constantly praising you in front of her friends; she does all. It just shows how much she trusts you and she just can't stop flaunting you.

She is always there for you

This one is most important. Whether it is listening to your office rant, your life problems or your family troubles, if she stands by you through your tough times, you just found your gold. In this rough life if you have someone who is always there by your side, you couldn't ask for more.

Guys, if you know a girl who does all the aforementioned things for you; hold on to her. Don't let her go. After all what's life if you miss out on love.