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Cheater Alert: 5 signs which tell that your partner is cheating on you

India TV News Desk 07 Jan 2016, 22:57:06 IST
India TV News Desk

New Delhi: Being in a relationship is not easy. You build your universe around someone, invest your entire time on them and dream of walking towards sunset with them. This perfect paradise is sometimes ripped apart when you find out that your partner is not being truthful to you.

Cheating, is probably the greatest sin anyone can commit in a relationship. It breaks one's heart when one learns that. However, many times it can just be your anxiety playing with your mind.

To ease that ordeal of yours, we bring to you 5 signs which will help you figure out if your partner is a cheater or no. If you can relate to these signs, it is time to break the relationship. If it isn't it means you have found your soul mate:

Gut feeling:

Let's be honest here. After spending months or years with someone, it is very easy to know the behaviour of that person. If you start realising that this is not the person you fell in love with, maybe it is time to confront them. If it is their work, or career troubling them; you will find out that too. However, if they are unable to explain the reason for the space between you two, it might be because they filled the void with another person.

Tied to the phone:

If suddenly your spouse/partner becomes extra possessive about their cell phones, let us tell you it is not a good sign for you. When the phone beeps to notify a new text message, and he/she rushes to grab it and slinks away to their room to read the SMS. Don't take this sneaky new trait lightly. However, we would suggest not going through their phones. They might see it as an invasion of privacy and turn things on you. It is always preferable to have an upfront discussion.

The distance:

When what rejoiced him/her earlier, no longer brings a smile on their faces; then it is a sign you shouldn't ignore. If they refuse to be a part of social gatherings, family get-togethers and start staying away from home a little too much, then it might be because your partner has found someone else.

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Picking up irrelevant fights:

Well, if your partner keeps fighting with you on pity things and makes an issue; it is time you looked beyond the argument. They might just be doing it to make themselves believe that it just wasn't going to work out with you anyway. That's probably the cheater's way of freeing themselves of the guilt of cheating on you.

Sex doesn't interest your partner anymore:

Most psychiatrists agree to the fact that as soon as a partner starts sleeping with another person, they lose interest in the regular partner. You will obviously notice this difference very soon. Headaches or stress can be factors to kill sexual urge. With time if everything you do starts irritating them then it is because they have resorted to other ways to satisfy their sexual needs.