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8 things you experience with a 'Pahadi' friend

India TV News Desk 16 Nov 2014, 10:33:31 AM IST
India TV News Desk

Life is fun when you have friends and it turns althemore exciting when they bring along their varied culture esp. cuisines to you!

India, a country already known wide for it's rich mix of culture and traditions, gives us a splendid opportunity to have the leverage of experiencing it.

During school, college, and professional life, we come across individuals who belong to different culture and we end up being friends.  

Living with or around such people gives us a little sneak-peak into the world which we never saw or imagined even existed, before meeting them.

Alike many others, I too am blessed with a bunch of great friends and happen to be friends with a 'truly' Pahadi (hails from Uttarakhand), which in itself is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride.  

Here it goes how it is to be with a person from Northern State of India.


1. When you realize that UK for them is actually Uttarakhand




2. When they talk on phone with their parents or family, your mind goes like wttttttffffffff




3. Your concept of ‘fat Punjabi wedding' gets a tough competition when you learn about their weddings and culture





4. When you never understand a single word of the folk songs they sing and dance to...




5. When you get the privilege to devour ‘Bal Mithai' whenever they take a round trip to their hometown





6. Nobody can be drawn into their eyes… as they are unbelievably small





7. When you understand the difference between Kumaon and Garhwal region of Uttarakhand





8. You can always make fun of their not-so-good communication skills in English and Hindi