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7 reasons why its awesome to be around grandparents!

India TV News Desk 17 Nov 2014, 10:10:23 AM IST
India TV News Desk

More than even parents, our grandparents always hold a special place in our heart. An old man and a kid are so different from each other yet they have a lot in common!
Like a child, when a man hits old age, he seeks more affection and care, since their own children have grown ups and got busy with their lives, these oldies make divine connect with their grand children. A child is like a bud has to be treated carefully to blossom into a flower and grandparents are the best gardeners in the world.
When a man approaches old age he reflects back on his life, and a child has a long life to sail through. So they say that they see through the same prism from either side of the life cycle.
It is rather hard to forget the crushing pain in our heart, when our grandparents used to depart for the village and the lump in their throat when they assured us that they will be back soon.
They might hold grudges against our parents, but for them we are gift of God.
Here we are celebrating the awesomeness of having grandparents
1) There are chances your parents may refuse your demands, but when you make that cute innocent face before your grandparent they will give in to your demands!



2) The stories we hear from our ‘Dadi maa', the couplets we learn from our grandpa go long way in building our value system and nurture our thought process.


3) The sweaters our grand ma knitted for us, the finger licking pickles they prepared for us!


4) Things you hide from your parents out of sheer fear of getting spanked can be shared with your grand parents.


5) Remember if your parents are mean to you, you have the privilege of complaining to the highest authority (grand parents), who definitely will take your side and verdict will be in your favour.



 6) To them you are the superstar of their lives; they will give you VVIP treatment and shower their unbridled love on you.


7) Even if you will commit some mistake they will save you from your parent's ire and would even leak you out some of your parent's childhood mistakes.