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World's most inspiring photoshoot! (view pics)

India TV News Desk 16 Aug 2014, 12:18:52 PM IST
India TV News Desk
New Delhi: Acid attack victims are often left to the sympathy of others, while many of us stand up to show support, these beautiful souls meanwhile fight for the rest of their lives.

'I frantically worried for my footwear until I saw a man with no feet', this quote might joggle some of us for mere a moment but we fail to adapt such thoughts in real life.

Men who believe their acts have destroyed the faces of these women, failed to shatter their minds. Unperturbed by what others think of them, the beautiful souls with their charming selfless smiles posed for Rahul Saharan's photoshoot.

Photos taken from photographer Rahul Saharan's Facebook account:

Once, who hid their scarred bodies behind veil of cloth have now come out in open to showcase their inner beauty in alluring outfits designed by one of them.

Photographer Rahul Saharan has beautifully managed to capture their innocence, strength, struggle, hope and happiness in this beautiful photoshoot.

5 young girls victim of brutal acid attack, Rupa, Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal with brave smiles looked intriguing in some of most striking dresses designed by Rupa.

Rupa, also the designer for all her friends and models of the photoshoot in her interview to a leading daily expressed her fear for future, "I always hung onto my dream of becoming a designer. After the attack my life came to a pause mode, I was embarrassed of my scars and covered my face with a scarf. I never imagined that one day I would be launching my own label. "

All these women are not just the victim of somebody's brutal mind but society's inability to educate all towards humanity.

Rupa (one of the victims) dropped her father's surname after he supported her stepmother (who threw acid on her). For the right to live with dignity, Rupa started a charity for girls and women facing the similar fate.

Chhaon, a support centre for acid attack survivors was incepted to provide secure, safe and comfortable environment to all the victims meanwhile they receive the apt medical aid.

With this platform, Rupa has launched her own label and feels nothing could have justified her designs more than these women.

Photographer Rahul Saharan has been working with Chhaon for the past two and half years but decided to put his hobby of photography into a good use.

Rahul intends to organize a photo exhibition where his work would be put on display so that more help for these victims could be brought in.