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Super easy tips to get that fresh breath!

India TV News Desk 26 Jun 2015, 15:54:07 IST
India TV News Desk

Bet you wouldn't really wish to embarrass yourself with something as ugly as bad breath! The ignored pungent odour could put a question mark on your image immediately! Hope you understand well that nobody wishes to be close to such a person whose oral hygiene habits aren't in place.

So, what will you do if you suddenly discover, you also fall in the same list? Obviously, nobody will tell you this on your face! So, will you deal with it? Especially when you are at office?

You can't brush your teeth after every tea or meal break, so how would you maintain your oral hygiene and get rid of the bad breath?

Easy! Here we are offering some quick solutions to such oral health problems. You can practice them even at your office and that too without messing around.

Here are the things that you can practice at your office to keep up your oral health -

1) Gargle your mouth properly with water after every meal. You can use a mouthwash also for this purpose.
2) Avoid too much of tea or coffee as the habit not only stains the teeth but also cause the pungent mouth odour.
3) Munch more on fresh fruits and vegetables as this satisfies your hunger cravings also and the fiber in them works as natural cleanser too.
4) Either don't eat sugary snacks at all or include them in your meal to avoid the foul smell caused by them.
5) Use a mouth freshener in case you've had a heavily garnished meal.
6) You may also use floss or an interdental tooth brush after a heavy meal to clean your teeth.
7) Sugarless chewing gums are an easy way out in case you eat during a tightly-packed meeting. Xylitol gums are the ones which increase the salivary flow and reduce the risk of cavities.
8) You can also choose to end your meals with cheese as it increases the salivary flow and reduces the risk of cavities while clearing the sugar from your mouth.